Miellerie La Grande Ourse (Big Mama Bear Honey House)


Passionate people will be your first encounter at La Grande Ourse honey house, passionate about beekeeping, about an organic approach, and about mother-earth. An unforgettable experience, 90 minutes of interpretation on the fascinating world of honeybees. You will be travelling in a safari trailer protected by mosquito nets, to visit an apiary where a beekeeper will open a beehive right before your eyes. The more adventurous can rent a protective garment and manipulate the bees with the beekeeper.

Take the opportunity to purchase the delicacies produced by La Grande Ourse, or by other local producers and craftsmen, at the on-site shop.

La Grande Ourse honey products are also available year-round at the Amosphere Resort … if you want to know more, the Resort’s reception staff is there to answer all your questions.

Tours are available from mid-May to late September.

Miellerie La Grande Ourse
391 Route 111
St-Marc-de-Figuery (Quebec)  J0Y 1J0

(819) 727-1920